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Teaching Facilities


The Library of TAFA is a characteristic modern professional library.


The floorage of the library at main campus nearly occupies 160,000 m2 while floorage occupies of the library at north campus occupies 3,000 m2. There are art stack room, comprehensive stack room, compact stack room, periodical reading room, professional reading room, digital reading room, ancient books reading room, replica making room, audio-visual room, self-learning room, cultural relics and calligraphy and painting show room, etc.. It can accommodate 1,032 people to read at the same time. 


There are 240,000 volumes of collection and 610,000 digital books and 472 bilingual journal, in which there are 393 kinds of professional fine arts journals, and 82,000 kinds of digital periodicals and 55 bilingual study database. 


Characterized collection are ancient books, cultural relics and calligraphy and painting, etc., includes theory of painting, catalogue, collection of impressions of seals by famous seal engravers. Over 1,700 original painting, calligraphy and seal cutting works are collected in the library, among them some Chinese painting approved as state level collection. There are also some precious cultural relics and replicas.


As a member of Tianjin Digital Library Union of Institute of Higher Learning, many services are realized, such as resource sharing, book searching, inter-library loan, document transfer, online reservation, on-line renewal. The opening hour of the library is over 90h/week.  


Internet Center


The campus network interconnection capacity is 1000-M bite, over 1000 information points can cover the whole campus. Now it provides service to online business system, teaching administration, online course, art resource database, student admission management, and email, etc..




Serving to the academy and the society, the gallery is a modern and open art gallery. Its cultural function involves the whole society of Tianjin and other parts of north China as well. Visitors can view and emulate masterpieces of various schools of different countries. Achievements of art education and creation will also be exhibited here. It is a “windows like building” which combines various functions such as teaching, viewing and emulating, creation, study and discussion, cultural relics collection, display and cultural exhibition.


The building covers 9,360 m2, the whole floor area (including library teachers’ studios) is 31,294 m2. There are five floors and ten exhibition rooms inside.

Experimental Teaching Center


There are two independent Experimental Teaching Centers in the academy, one is for fine arts, another is for design and new media.(one is Experimental Teaching Center of Fine Arts, another one is Experimental Teaching Center of Design and New Media). They are response to experimental teaching, subject research, and transformation of achievement, etc., of all the disciplines. They are also open to the teachers and student in the academy and to the society at large. 


Experimental Teaching Center of Fine Arts is a construction unit of national experimental teaching demonstration centre. Experimental Teaching Center of Design and New Media is approved as municipal excellent laboratory of Tianjin.








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