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General Introduction

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (TAFA) was founded in 1906, which has over 100 years history of education. From the 1950s, it gradually became a multidisciplinary and multi-level fine arts institution. It is also one of the eight most influential fine arts institutions and an important fine art education and fine art research center in northern China. The students at the school is around 4,500, among them there are around 200 international students.

Teaching Method and Training Objective

Taking student centered education system and credit system, to raise qualified art talent with solid foundation knowledge, all-round development, creative and strong adaptive ability. 

Level of Schooling

Undergraduate, Postgraduate and International Education


Two first-class disciplines: Fine Arts and Design (including some second class disciplines) are all municipal key disciplines.

Undergraduate : BA degree, postgraduate: MA, MFA degree


Traditional Chinese Painting, Painting, Sculpture, Art Design, Industrial Design, Fine Arts, Animation, in which Chinese Painting, Painting ( Printmaking and Oil Painting), and Art Design are national professional characteristic majors. 


Traditional Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Oil Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Fresco,Image Art,Visual Communication Design,Product Design, Decorative Art Design, Enviromental Art Design, Fashion Art Design, Dyeing & Textile Design, Industrial Design, History & Theory of Fine Art, Planning & Management of Visual Culture, Appreiciation & Repair of Traditional Culture, Creation & Screenwriter of Animation, History & Theory of Art Design, Digital Media Art, Mobile  Media Art, Photographic Art,Free Painting,Public Art,Multi-media Design, Animation


School of Plastic Arts, School of Experimental Art, School of Traditional Chinese Painting, School of Art Design, School of Environmental and Architectural Art,School of Art and Humanities, School of Product Design, School of Public Art, School of International Education,School of Postgraduate, School of Continuing Studies,


Academic Journal: North Art, Professional Newspaper: Painting and Calligraphy in China (Issued both home and abroad )



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